Physical Therapy and Neck Pain in Interbay

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Do you have neck pain in Interbay, Washington? You might be experiencing more than just a few tight muscles. Whether you were involved in a work-related accident, recently incurred a sports injury, or have been suffering from chronic pain for years, it’s important to speak with a physical therapy specialist. Ignoring your pain and hoping it’ll go away rarely works. In fact, ignoring the underlying issue can make it worse over time. Keep the following information about physical therapy and neck pain in mind as you look for assistance in Interbay. 

When to Get Help

There are several possible reasons people schedule physical therapy for neck pain. It’s a good idea to get help if you’re recovering from an injury or recently underwent surgery. Chronic pain without an easily identifiable cause should also be addressed.


The primary goal of physical therapy is to reduce the neck pain and stiffness you’re experiencing. Your physical therapist may also help you improve the range of motion of your head and neck muscles. You’ll also work to develop strategies to prevent pain from reoccurring in the future.

Treatment Methods

When it comes to neck pain, you will have two primary physical therapy treatment options to consider: passive physical therapy and active physical therapy. Passive physical therapy consists of activities that require no effort from the patient (ice packs, message, etc.). Active physical therapy consists of activities that require the patient to perform various exercises and stretches. 

Need Physical Therapy for Neck Pain in Interbay?

Do you need to schedule physical therapy for your neck pain in Interbay, Washington? If you suffer from pain, don’t assume it’ll go away. Get the help you need and deserve by contacting Seattle’s Elite Physical Therapy in Seattle today. Our highly-trained and experienced therapists have the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to identify and address the underlying cause of your pain.

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain in Interbay

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