Seattle Physical Therapist Elena Soles DPT, CAFS

Elena graduated from University of Puget Sound in 2018 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy (Go Loggers!). She completed her undergraduate the University of San Diego and began her professional life in public health research before pursuing a career in physical therapy. Her research experience and history in athletics deepen her passion to promote movement and helping individuals stay active.

She has a strong interest in pain science and sports medicine, and enjoys working with patients from many different backgrounds. She is certified in Applied Functional Science© which utilizes functional movements and a multidimensional approach to treating dysfunction.  She incorporates concepts from her education in Postural Restoration Institute’s (PRI) to address underlying involvement of the nervous system in treatment. She utilizes a blended treatment approach, which helps to individualize treatment given the unique nature of impairment and dysfunction. Every person has an individual pattern of movement and story that they bring to the table, and her background with many different treatment approaches helps her to identify the aspects within those tool kits to help return individuals to what they love. She completed her first marathon in April 2018 and has worked with many runners of all levels to enhance performance and recover from injury. She enjoys working with athletes across all sports, particularly CrossFit, running, and rugby, and helps individuals find active outlets for their energy throughout the course of treatment and upon discharge.

She lives in West Seattle with her two mutts and husband who she loves to spend time with enjoying the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hiking, golfing, snowshoeing, CrossFit, and attempting culinary creativity with varying success.

Dr. Soles Specialty Training and Techniques


Certification in Applied Functional Science©

Applied Functional Science is an approach to physical therapy that treats patients as a whole by incorporating physical, biological and behavioral science to assess and treat. Applied Functional Science takes into account that each patient’s ailment can be influenced by multiple variables and helps define the larger picture to fully address the patient’s needs.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a medical approach to treating athletic injuries and help improve athletic performance. 

Pain Science

Pain Science is the scientific way of defining pain and how it can affect a person’s physical structure and their ability to move and function. In physical therapy pain science can help treat patients that experience chronic pain and diseases such as Hyperalgesia, Fibromyalgia, and neuropathy. 


Postural Restoration Institute

The Postural Restoration Institute is a school of thought that is used to approach  and treat structural imbalances. Postural Restoration is used to improve postural adaptions, the function of the respiratory system and asymmetrical patterns. 


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